Growing up was a series of failed creative endeavors.  I don't have the ear for music; I don't have the vision for art; and, frankly, I don't have the voice for creative writing.  In cooking, I finally found the creative outlet for which I'd been looking for so long.  And cooking has opened up so many other avenues of interest for me---as I began to cautiously venture into ingredients and recipes from other cultures, I started to seek out places in which I could experience these foods as authentically as possible.  Together with my boyfriend Jeffrey, who shares if not surpasses my interest and knowledge of food, I've discovered this other world of cultures and cuisines that exist right in my suburban backyard.  So this is not just another recipe blog, but rather a chronicle of my own discoveries and my musings on food and how it relates in a larger way to culture.

After spending four years living in the cultural anachronism that is Colonial Williamsburg, I moved to Chicago last summer to begin a PhD program in Medieval Religious History at Northwestern University.  Chicago has been a culinary paradise, and all of my free time (and then some) has been spent dining out, grocery shopping at our wonderful ethnic markets, and cooking at home with Jeffrey.

You can email me at lavventuraculinaria (at) gmail (dot) com.